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Команда опытных менеджеров и дизайнеров, вкупе с собственным производством, позволяют нам воплощать в жизнь даже самые масштабные и технически сложные проекты

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When you choose our event management company to hold an important event, it means that you wish to free yourself of any trouble connected with event planning. Our professional event management team will make sure to examine your activity and that of your competitors, come up with a unique idea for your event and help your brand stand out.

You can rest assured that our event organizer company will find the most suitable place for your event. We will produce, deliver and install all the necessary equipment and prepare a show program. On top of that we will attract sponsors and partners and inform media about the upcoming event. Each of the stages will be constantly controlled, we will monitor the quality of performance and optimize the process of event production. The Grata Advertising event planning and management organization does all of the above because we respect you and your time. You will only have to agree on ready-made solutions. Just like that.

It is not as easy to host a memorable forum or a conference as you might think. You have to put a lot of effort into market segment research and learning about your partner’s preferences. You have to ship and set up everything that is needed to any part of the world. You have to select keynote speakers, choose a format and fill the event with memorable experiences. You probably have seen a presentation shown on a 10-meter bent screen which works totally in sync with the speech of a professional speaker? The experience is unforgettable! Our business event company with corporate events management loves to amaze our partners by providing unusual solutions for corporate identity designs, multimedia content production, interactive digital media marketing.

We understand that acquiring social recognition is only one half of success. The more difficult one to execute is to keep it. This is why we often organize city events with the goal of establishing a conversation. We always aim for different sides to have meaningful discussions and exchange their experience and impressions, whether it is a state event or a private one. Without communication there can be no growth. As a special event organizer with a vast experience in event production, we are ready to immediately react to any changes. Let’s say, the weather changes or there are too many attendants with different interests at a city event. Our task in city event planning is to predict and prevent any possible challenges and provide total security and infrastructure.

Do you need a large-scale festivity to celebrate your company’s anniversary or New Year’s Day?  Our special events management company is right there for you! Or is it going to be an unforgettable celebration in the Dominican Republic for 200 people? We are already booking tickets! Are you planning to bring the best representatives in your field to a multi-day special event, for example, a workshop? Your candidates are on their way! Leave all the leisure and event management matters to us: the program, the logistics, the catering, the venue, the artists – we will take care of all the components of the leisure and event management. We will also add more inspiring elements, from building an entire exposition city a writing a unique musical to a joint program with the legendary Cirque du Soleil.