International Projects | Грата

You asked for it – we give it to you! Grata opened the Department of International Projects.

“Growing fast” is an understatemend in our case. Our business and our team are growing and developing every minute. Having learned to implement high-quality cases in the scale of our country, we decided to become even better and reach the international level. Yes, the geography of our projects used to extend far beyond Russia – you can learn more about here here and learn about our projects here. So we have do have a 20-year experience of some sort (looks like it’s fair to say). However, now the boundaries are blurred, and the B2B interaction market is expanding – more and more often we receive requests to organize events and construct stands in other countries. We just can’t ignore this. Road-shows in different countries and cities, forums, exhibitions and conferences anywhere in the world, international festivals and hackathons – you can now order the required format from Grata, and our team will offer the right solution and see that every detail is there.


Kristina Belyakova