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Команда опытных менеджеров и дизайнеров, вкупе с собственным производством, позволяют нам воплощать в жизнь даже самые масштабные и технически сложные проекты

Advertising technology

Just imagine the aircraft industry developing as rapidly as the Internet. At this rate, we would already have planes the size of a smartphone in service! We take punches in such a rapidly changing environment with confidence and don’t stop seeking new opportunities to surprise clients, to help develop their businesses..

Nowadays each company needs to be online. This way using digital marketing solutions, it becomes more accessible to its audience, it improves more quickly, and, of course, asserts itself! To do this, as a creative digital communication agency, we always have the most effective promotion digital marketing tools in hand. All of them combined, a client is guaranteed to receive a real interest from the audience.

It has been only 20 years since we awe at the future that was shown to us on big screens. Today, we have a lot of those unbelievable technologies and apps, interactive digital media in our daily lives: we control our technology with voices, we talk to AI’s, we have access to unlimited information from any part of the world, we explore virtual realities etc. Our company widely use interactive multimedia services as well as interactive media marketing when preparing for an event, building an exhibition pavilion architecture and design, exhibition booth stand, an exposition stand and as stand alone products as well if requested by a client. The reason for this is that multimedia presentation works and it inspires an awe.

We always stay updated on new technologies and we don’t hesitate to apply interactive digital media in our work. Do you need a stunning demonstration of your product placed on a large interactive digital screen or exhibition pavilion? We’ve got you covered! Do you need to organize a complex video shooting process, shoot an interview and a documentary about your company or create an amazing presentation from scratch in a way that your audience can’t help but pull out their smartphones and start recording it? Do you need to organize a video shooting of any kind: from a tour of your enterprise to a series of educational programs? Yes, we can! Do you need to place your materials to every resource available, from the Internet and mass media to the event itself? Done!

The very first augmented reality technology piece was created in Harvard in 1968. Since then, dozens of multimedia production companies and laboratories have been working on development of the technology. And rightfully so, because augmented reality digital marketing is one of the technological trends of the future.

Nowadays, the VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality) marketing allow us to present a brand or a product in a more informative and inspiring manner because they immerse users into its very core. As a virtual reality digital marketing agency we will provide a solution for any idea. We will marry it to VR, mixed reality marketing or mobile augmented reality marketing make the solution come into life. No obtrusiveness, no cliches. Maximum persuasiveness and effectiveness.


We often get asked by our partners about how to take an optimized and well-functioning business to the next level when something seems to be stopping that. As a rule, the answer to the question lies in the fact that there is no modern and user-friendly website or app. Nowadays, users have become noticeably more demanding and it is difficult to surprise them and attract their interest. As a competent ecommerce website design and development company and an app development company we know exactly how to create a simple and effective solution even if you need to fit a lot of information there. We know how to give it good structure of the website or mobile app and keep all the nuances of a business intact, therefore helping it come into a whole new territory. Our website development services are a great way for a company to achieve strong results in ecommerce and the app development for mobile devices would increase their impact.