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The Pole of Wonderful People

On July 14, employees of one of the Russian and world’s largest gold mining company POLUS celebrated a professional holiday, which is Metallurgist’s day at the open platform ecoLOFT.  The organization of an unforgettable event was entrusted to our agency “on a turnkey basis”.

“THE POLE OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE”, such an original concept created by the event department of Grata Adv became the basis of the whole evening.

The key idea was hidden in the name of the company “POLUS”, where each letter of the word unexpectedly for all employees acquired a new meaning on the platform, revealing one of the key qualities of employees of the gold mining industry:

Professional competence


Lively youth

Unrivaled leadership


These qualities were not only reflected in the design, but also became the basis for exciting interactive activities on the platform. Each of the 5 letters-concepts offered guests of the evening a thematic entertainment, from sports and table games to a real gold mining and “racing” on special vehicles. In such a fun and exciting way, the staff showed their strong-willed and professional qualities.

After a busy day program, the official part with awarding the best employees of the company was waiting for everyone. The culmination of the festival was a grand flashmob, where 300 people united in “live” giant letters P-O-L-U-S and released balloons, distributed in advance, into the air. The giant word came alive and was directed towards new achievements.  Such an unforgettable event clearly demonstrated the unity and cohesion of POLUS employees.

The rest of the evening on “The Pole of Wonderful People” a entertainment program was tearing up – a concert of the invited artists, photo shoot in the themed photozones and the rousing disco to summer music sets of guest DJ.

We congratulate all the employees of the company on Metallurgist Day and thank you for your trust and confidence!

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