Expanding Space and Time. GRATA AVD Summed Up the Results of the “ProeKTOriYA” Forum

“I am very pleased that such a unique, I say it without any exaggeration, event as the choice of profession by high school students is held in Yaroslavl for the fifth time,” said President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his speech at an Open lesson on September 1.

For the fifth time Grata Adv group becomes the general contractor of the All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation “ProeKTOriYA” and the main link in the process of preparation and holding such a landmark event in the life of Russian schoolchildren. The All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation “ProeKTOriYA” helps schoolchildren to find their own way of professional development. And we develop and learn with them. This year we faced a lot of things for the first time, but we did perfectly well, just adding to the day 24 hours more.

Summing up, we can say with certainty that this forum has become the largest in its history! Why? Make yourself comfortable, we are about to tell you our…

“Trade secret”

“How do you manage all this? Do you sleep at all?”, we heard such questions from the guests of the Forum.

But seriously, much work has been done.

Our team of more than 700 people – organizers, technical personnel, developers – became one big family at the time of the forum, and we were not afraid of any “surprises”.

To provide smooth operation of “ProeKTOriYA“, 15 trucks delivered several tons of equipment and machinery. In two days 130 people turned the main sports complex of Yaroslavl “Arena-2000” into a large-scale platform of the Forum. Everything was thought out to the last detail – ice rink was divided into two parts and accommodated a spacious stage with a hall for 1,300 seats, LED constructions, a large screen with an area of 112 sq. m, two side-by-side screens of 27 sq.m and a zone for 7 laboratories with a total area of 1200 sq. m. In order to make work easier 6 classrooms were prepared according to thematic directions for more than 360 seats and 10 lecture hall for the start-up track. For the comfortable work of journalists and bloggers, a press center with the necessary equipment, screens for live broadcasting from the main hall and nonstop wired Internet and Wi-Fi were provided.

According to our calculations, the total area of the banner design of “Arena 2000” was 3500 sq.m. – it’s almost as big as 14 tennis courts!

We managed not only to create a platform for comfortable work, but also to provide a worthwhile program to all participants – students, teachers, guests and media representatives.

And now we will tell you about everything in greater detail.

Main event

September 1 was the most intense day – we were waiting for very important guests.

From the very morning and all day long 16 000 schools from 24 cities of the country, regardless of time zones, were with us on a direct connection through multicast videoconferencing, and this is more than 1.1 million collective connections! For participants and viewers the program began with lectures in the TED format from the leaders of the leading corporations of the country: Rostelekom, Russian Railways (RJD), Vneshekonombank, Rosatom, Almaz-Antey, R-Farm, Rosseti. A little bit later, the forum “ProeKTOriYA” moved beyond the planet Earth, when astronaut-pilots Sergei Ryazan and Fyodor Yurchikhin from the ISS orbit made contact with the guys.

Waiting for the Main open lesson of the country, more than 3.5 million people joined our broadcast in the official VKontakte and Odnoklassniki groups. At 13:00 Moscow time, “Arena 2000” turned into a large classroom, and for 45 minutes the main teacher was the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He told Russian schoolchildren about the importance of Russia’s achievements in modern history and congratulated 8 forum participants who had signed labour contracts with major companies and with the start of their professional careers.

“Children from all over Russia, including students of general education institutions of our company took part in the forum. For them it was a great opportunity to meet not only their peers, but also well-known employers, company managers, scientists and principles of the universities. The forum allowed the children to get acquainted with advanced technologies and prepare for the solution of future challenges, and also contributed to the development of analytical skills. This is very important, considering that today’s schoolchildren are the people who will build the future of our country and the whole world,” said the President of OAO RJD Oleg Belozerov.

Partners of the forum

The key to success of the All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation “ProeKTOriYA” was cooperation with the more than 50 partners we attracted – leading manufacturing companies, technology leaders and innovation centers. It was thanks to PC Rosteh, AO Kontsern VKO Almaz-Antey,  PC Rosatom,  PC R-Farm, PAO Rostelekom,  Mail.Ru Group, charity fund Sistema, Russian Movement of Schoolchildren,  OAO RJD, Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs ROSNANO, Scientific Research Centre Kurchatovskiy Institution, PC ROSKOSMOS, Rossvyaz, PAO Rosseti, The Internet Initiatives Development Fund and other partners and participants that the forum laboratories were equipped with unique and high-tech equipment for work on cases, and the participants and teachers could communicate with experienced experts and true professionals in their work each day.

In turn, representatives of partner companies noted that they themselves were interested in cooperation with the event which brings together such a large number of motivated students from all over the country.

“By supporting and professionally orienting students, we will be able to form the groundwork for staffing of the digital future of our country and the intellectual capital of our company. Today, more than 1,500 students study at our educational projects in universities and we believe that this is the future elite of the new economy. We hope that today’s forum participants will swell their ranks,” said Alexander Gorny,  Director of Strategy and Analysis of Mail.Ru Group.

Program for schoolchildren

Of course, key characters of the forum were more than 500 schoolchildren from each subject of our country. Intense programme didn’t let them relax. Young participants worked in the laboratories, talked with experts from Skoltekh, The Internet Initiatives Development Fund, MyStarta, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys MISiS,  National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, ITMO University, Copter Express, wrote letters to themselves, asked important questions to the principles of Russian universities and even had time to attend excursions.

The main work was focused around 60 cases provided by the largest Russian companies. And those guys who could not come to Yaroslavl also participated in finding solutions: in the zone of the laboratories of the Forum video conference was organized with 17 spots – schools in all federal districts of the country. About 200 high school students from 15 subjects of the country – Buryatia, Karachaevo-Cherkessia and Yakutia, Krasnodar, Perm, Stavropol and Khabarovsk krais (regions) , Lipetsk, Murmansk, Rostov, Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl oblasts (regions), St. Petersburg and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (district) – worked on finding solutions to the tasks.

In each direction, the customer companies selected the most active children and awarded them with especially valuable prizes, among them there was a right to employer-sponsored education, additional scores for admission to higher education institutions, certificates for educational programs, trips to profile camps and even labor contracts.

Program for teachers

Teaching program at the forum was organized in two directions. The first was the representation of those competences that appear in the modern world. The purpose of the second was to introduce teachers to modern tools of professional navigation, new methods and technologies of career-guidance of high school students. The teachers program included topics, dedicated online tutoring, teamwork, registration of patents and other relevant issues.

Altogether, 150 teachers took part at the Forum, and 125 education activities, prepared by ProeKTOriYA team, were available for them.

Novelties of the forum – 2017

A novelty and pride of the forum ProeKTOriYA this year was the startup track – express acceleration of projects of young entrepreneurs, who went to the final of the contest “Engineers of the future”. These 10 developments have become cases for participants who want to develop business skills. We attracted experienced mentors and trackers who helped to improve startups and enhanced their chances for having the main prize – investment support of the project.

We also expanded the boundaries of the forum and entered the Internet space for the first time. On the website of ProeKTOriYA and in groups ProeKTOriYA in social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, all the main events of the forum were available for students, their parents and teachers of the country. This experiment caught fancy to the large audience and turned to be more than successful. The results speak for themselves: thanks to live broadcasts, 7.5 million people took part in the forum!

Media on the forum

The General Media Partner of the Forum was TASS News Agency. 9 more editions that know everything about science, education, teachers and students joined us as partners: “Mel”, “Populyarnaya mehanika”, “Pedsovet”, “Ucheba.ru”, “Navigator obrazovaniya”, Edu.Robogeek.ru, “Bright” journal.

We invited 1,500 journalists, and prepared for them a special program with the most interesting events, grand press-kits, telling in detail about the main events, guests and the concepts of ProeKTOriYA. At the time of writing this text, we have received more than 3,000 publications from federal and regional editors.

“We had a good platform and such a good partnership dialogue on equal terms. I congratulate you and all of us, adults, that we succeeded,” said Alexander Beglov, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation.
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All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation “ProeKTOriYA” is held annually in Yaroslavl by order of the President of Russia. In the program of the Forum there are 6 directions: Health technologies, Energy technologies, Material technologies, Motion technologies, Information technologies and Space technologies. The forum is an offline platform of the Internet portal http://proektoria.online, “Single Window” to the world of possibilities of career guidance, which is now open to all Russian students, regardless of social status and place of residence.

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The event is held in accordance with instructions issued by the President of the Russian Federation dated of February 22, 2017 presidential order №50 “Оn holding the All-Russian Forum “Future intellectual leaders of Russia”

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