Exposition of PAO Uralkali at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017

(Русский) Заказчик

(Русский) ПАО "Уралкалий"

(Русский) Место

(Русский) г. Санкт-Петербург, КВЦ "ЭКСПОФОРУМ"

(Русский) Дата

(Русский) 1-3 июня 2017

PAO Uralkali surprised guests with non-production topics at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017. The Botanicheskiy (botanical) stand, as it became known in the media, has become one of the most popular on Instagram. Decorated outside with fresh flowers and grass, inside it really was a full-fledged greenhouse and captivated by the unusual colorful world of wildlife with a real waterfall.

In addition to visual and aesthetic pleasure, guests of the stand were offered an exciting interactive adventure – as you put on augmented and virtual reality glasses AR/VR, as the surrounding world changed instantly. Walking in the virtual space, guests were able not only to learn more about the company Uralkali, but also, for example, about how to grow juicy fruit on a pomegranate tree just in a few seconds, adding to the ground branded fertilizer , or find yourself in a blink at the winery, cook white or red wine and get it as a surprise gift, coming back to reality-on the stand.

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